Privacy Policy

Better Service Through Better Data

Our goal is to provide the best service available. To make sure we’re delivering what you want most and answer your questions, we need to learn a little more about you. This can include data around your name, location, and contact information. This lets us give you exactly what you need and ensure that you’re happy with the service we provide.

We also collect data that we use to help ensure our site is working properly. Cookies, IP Addresses, and other information are collected to make sure our links, offers, and services are working in a way that’s enjoyable for you. Please let us know if you have questions about that use.

Your Data Is Safe With Us

At Sell Car For Cash Wilmington, we always take steps to keep your information safe because we know it’s important to you. Not only do we offer secure connections but we also rely on secure servers and strict employee authorizations to protect your data from unsanctioned access. 

‌When it comes to your information, we don’t share a thing without your specific permission. Your information is only provided to our associated partners and companies when you let us know it’s okay – and we won’t sell your details to any third party you don’t recognize. Your information is largely used to get new offers and coupons from us and our partners.

Only Say No Once

Your data is yours to own and control. When you fill out a form on our site or give us other information, you can always tell us that it’s not okay to share. We respect that and will respect your wishes. If you’ve told us “yes” in the past but change your mind, let us know and we’ll help you opt-out of any offers.

Links On This Site

Sometimes Sell Car For Cash Wilmington will link to sites we like or that are offering things we think you should check out. We don’t control those sites and aren’t able to control how any third-party acts. We’ve got agreements with our partners to respect your data, but you should always look at the privacy policies for any sites you visit. Always read their policies before you give out your information.

This Policy Will Grow With Us

Privacy policies change with new technology, services, offerings, and more. Sell Car For Cash Wilmington will update this policy as necessary. We reserve the right to make changes and typically do so without notifying you, but we may provide some updates. Read this page regularly to know what the most current policies are.